The Northeast Resource Center for Vision Education (NERCVE) is committed to improving quality of life for people with visual impairments. We support UMass Boston's Vision Studies program, which is New England's only academic center for preparing Teachers of Students with Visual Impairment, Orientation and Mobility Specialists, Vision Rehabilitation Therapists, and Assistive Technology Instructional Specialists.

NERCVE is affiliated with the Institute for Community Inclusion at the University of Massachusetts Boston. The Vision Studies programs are administered through the UMass Boston School for Global Inclusion and Social Development.


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Less than 20% of likely CVI cases may receive a diagnosis......

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LGBTQIA+ members of the National Federation of the Blind and their allies ask NFB and other blindness related organizations to reconsider holding conferences in Florida and other states with anti-L

National Registry for Teachers of Students with Visual Impairments logo with hands on a book and the letters NRTSVI
Success Beyond Sight, (SBS), a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization, has created a FREE National Registry for TSVIs/TVIs (NRTSVI) to empower a national voice for TSVIs/TVIs and to provide a means to reach, on a national level, TSVIs/TVIs with free resources and important professional information.

On August 12, 2020, RSA held a teleconference with VR agencies and other stakeholders to continue to strengthen the communication between RSA and VR agencies.