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Improving Education for Individuals with Visual Impairments.

Scholars from Puerto Rico Successfully Complete Advanced Braille Course

Ten scholars from the island of Puerto Rico successfully completed their second braille course through online study in Blackboard this fall. The students expanded their knowledge of braille to include using both UEB and Nemeth codes for math while strengthening their skills in UEB for literary content.  They worked in groups to study advanced braille topics of music braille code, braille formats, braille for chemistry using both UEB and Nemeth, and tips & tricks for reproducing print worksheets for accurate representation in braille.  The students also demonstrated basic elements of preparing and teaching tactile graphics by preparing a map of their living space.  They worked with a partner to explore the maps and analyze their salient features. The scholars gathered at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus in San Juan on December 10 where they  presented course projects, shared examples, and participated in activities with UMass Vision Studies instructors Sandy Smith and Wendy Buckley and UPR Program Coordinator Professor Jose Alvarez.

Students and instructors Hands examining a tactile graphic The instructor examining a tactile graphic Students working with a tactile graphic Student presenting Chemistry tactile graphic Student presenting on Music Braille CodeStudent presenting on a chemical formula in braille Student presenting on Braille FormatsStudent presenting on adapting a worksheet for braiille

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