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Improving Education for Individuals with Visual Impairments.

Pre-Practicum Information

What is pre-practicum?

Pre-practicum consists of field-based observations and experiences that are integrated into program coursework. Massachusetts Department of Education Educator Licensure Regulations stipulate 75 hours of pre-practicum, field-based experiences.

The assignments tied to these pre-practicum hours are at the discretion of the course instructor. An average number of pre-practicum hours per course can be found on the course descriptions web page. This average is on the high end and may be less than listed.

All pre-practicum hours must be documented in each course on the pre-practicum verification form. This form must be signed during each experience by a professional in the field. Additionally, the course instructor must sign the form(s) at the end of the course, along with the student. The signed form must be returned to the program coordinator, Tammy Reisman.

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