Degree and Graduate Certificate Information

Students pursuing a Master’s Degree in Vision Studies: Orientation & Mobility must accrue a minimum of 37 credit hours and successfully complete all required coursework.

A Graduate Certificate in Orientation and Mobility is a series of courses that prepares the person to teach O&M but does not culminate in a university degree. Students pursuing a Graduate Certificate must have a Bachelor’s Degree and complete 19 - 28 credit hours depending on their degree.

Individual course sequences or, Programs of Study, are developed by O&M advisors.

Core Courses for MEd in Vision Studies and Certificate Orientation and Mobility Track:

  • VISN 601 Physical and Functional Aspects of VI, 3 credits
  • VISN 603 Braille Communications I, 3 credits
  • VISN 604: Eye Anatomy and Disease3 credits
  • VISN 605: Clinical and Functional Assessment of Vision3 credits
  • VISN 621 O&M Assessment—Children, 4 credits
  • VISN 622 O&M Assessment—Adults, 4 credits
  • VISN 625 Methods of O&M, 3 credits
  • VISN 628 O&M Praxis, 1 credits
  • VISN 629 Practicum in O&M, 4 credits

Total: 28 credits


Additional courses required for MEd:

  • VISN 602 Education of Students with Visual Impairment 3 credits
  • VISN 646 Introduction to Audiology and the Human Auditory System , 3 credits
  • VISN 640 Psycho-Social Aspects of VI, 3 credits

Total:  9 credits