Degree and Graduate Certificate Information

The M.Ed. program in Vision Studies: Vision Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT) track requires the completion of 37 graduate academic credits.

Individuals who would like to pursue Graduate Certification only in Vision Rehabilitation Therapy must have a minimum of a bachelor's degree and complete a total of 25 or more credits, depending on their background.

Core Courses for the VRT Graduate Program:

  • VISN 601: Physical & Functional Aspects of Visual Impairment, 3 credits
  • VISN 603: Braille Communications I, 3 credits
  • VISN 604: Eye Anatomy and Disease3 credits
  • VISN 605: Clinical and Functional Assessment of Vision3 credits
  • VISN 630: Introduction to Vision Rehabilitation Therapy, 4 credits
  • VISN 631: Methods of Vision Rehabilitation Therapy I, 4 credits
  • VISN 632: Methods of Vision Rehabilitation Therapy II, 4 credits
  • VISN 639: Practicum in VRT, 4 credits

Total: 28 credits

Additional Courses Required for M.Ed:

  • REHAB 612: Vocational Rehabilitation and Placement, 3 credits
  • VISN 640: Psycho Social Aspects of VI, 3 credits
  • VISN 646: Introduction to Audiology, 3 credits

Total: 9 credits