English Language Development Teacher and Coordinator

Perkins School for the Blind, located near Boston, was the first school for the blind chartered in the United States in 1829. For over 180 years, the staff at Perkins have been providing quality services to students and clients who are blind, visually impaired, deafblind and multi-impaired. Perkins School for the Blind embraces diversity in ability, thought, culture and belief. We provide equal education and employment opportunities and value the unique talents and contributions of all of our students and staff.

This role will encompass direct instructional time with students as well as campus coordination tasks.

Teacher - Under the general supervision of the Education Director or Project Manager for School Improvement, the Teacher provides instructional services for students with multiple disabilities including visual impairment and dual sensory impairment, based on individual needs and evaluates students as required. They will assess, plan, prepare, and implement appropriate educational goals aligned with the standards for English Language Development for each student as well as provide a variety of adapted materials and aids as appropriate.

Coordinator - The Coordinator provides expertise and consultation to staff and IEP teams to ensure ELL needs are met. Collaborate with leadership to develop understanding of effective ELL programming, English Language Development instructional practices, and effective content area scaffolding techniques to assist content teachers in supporting student mastery of content-specific standards. The Coordinator works closely with Leadership to assist in appropriate language access efforts across campus including establishing SEI goals and resources, data collection, and analysis. Contribute to ongoing professional development to support instructional best practices across campus.

-Meets educational requirements and qualifies for certification/licensure while updating and expanding knowledge
-Demonstrates understanding of the general curriculum, expanded core curriculum, and subject matter/area of expertise
-Determines present levels of performance by reviewing background information and conducting informal and formal assessments
-Develops and prioritizes measurable objectives for learners; plans short term and long term instruction or clinical strategies to address individual objectives.
-Establishes and maintains structures, rules, and procedures for learners and sets and maintains high expectations and standards of behavior
-Establishes and adapts the environment to make it conducive to learning
-Establishes good rapport and maintains respectful relationships with learners, adapting lessons for individuals with diverse needs and various backgrounds
-Engages learners by using a variety of approaches and motivating strategies to convey knowledge and develop skills, maximizing instructional/clinical time
-Provides positive reinforcement and constructive feedback
-Develops performance measures and informs learners of the criteria for success; evaluates learner performance, keeps records, and reports progress in learning; revises instructional plans based on ongoing observation/evaluation information;
-Helps create positive, inclusive interpersonal relationships
-Shows respect for students, colleagues, administrators, family members, and others, communicating well with, supports, advises, and/or advocates for learners
-Collaborates, consults with, and maintains effective communication with outside agency staff, staff at all levels, and family members, and when indicated, provides training
-Maintains effective communication and works cooperatively with administrators
-Maintains a safe environment and handles emergencies
-Maintains a clean, neat, inviting, and well-designed learning environment
-Ensures learners’ medical needs are met by altering teaching/clinical strategies and following protocols.
-To perform other related duties and tasks as assigned.


Minimum Requirements:
-Bachelor’s degree in education or relevant field, and English as a Second Language teacher license for either K-5 or 6-12 with the ability to obtain the second level within 3 years of employment.
-Ability to complete and maintain First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Automated External Defibrillator (AED), and Crisis Prevention and Physical Intervention (CPPI) Certifications
Ability to travel independently

Preference may be given to candidates with:
-Master’s degree in Special Education or Language Acquisition
-Previous experience working with students with visual impairments or students with severe disabilities.

Teacher of the Visually Impaired
Shannon Spang
Perkins School for the Blind