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Improving Education for Individuals with Visual Impairments.

Teacher of the Visually Impaired-On Campus

Teacher of the Visually Impaired-On Campus

Department: Cross Programs

Schedule: Full-time, 37.5 hours/week

Teacher of the Visually Impaired-On Campus
Department: Cross Programs
Schedule: Full-time, 37.5 hours/week
Perkins School for the Blind, located near Boston, was the first school for the blind chartered in the United States in 1829. For over 180 years, Perkins School for the Blind has provided quality educational and residential services to students who are blind, visually impaired or deafblind, empowering them to reach their maximum potential. Perkins School for the Blind embraces diversity in ability, thought, culture and belief. We provide equal education and employment opportunities and value the unique talents and contributions of all of our students and staff. 
Provides direct and consultative vision services to preschoolers and school age children (K- 12) and their teachers/professionals on the Perkins Watertown campus. Work with the on campus evaluations department providing independent vision assessments including LVE (CVI range), LMA and other areas of the Expanded Core Curriculum.  Some of the children may have additional disabilities. Responsibilities include: student assessments, development and implementation of individual education plans, consultation to and in-service training for on campus education professionals, maintaining communications among team members in the ELC, LS and Secondary programs, preparation of lessons and materials for each individual student, maintaining professional credentials, and paperwork associated with evaluations, contract services, reports and billing.
Responsibilities include:

  • If not already having the CVI endorsement, participate in trainings to obtain the endorsement within a pre-determined time frame under the guidance of the on campus CVI Program Manager
  • Read records, observe and assess students, consult with other on campus generalists, specialists, and parents or other caregivers, review individual education plans (IEPs).  Utilize this information to prepare goals, objectives and lessons based on program approved curriculum or other appropriate resources to meet the students' needs.
  • Prepare and provide instruction through oral presentations, discussions, demonstrations, hand-on activities, modeling, and direct experiences such as engagement in hands-on instruction with various mobility devices and listen for oncoming traffic.  Produce or secure Braille, enlarged print, oral or tactual material or compensatory devices needed to help the student arrive at appropriate goals.
  • Using objective criteria, assess student progress through evaluation of tasks and assignments and report each quarter or according to IEP requirements on student progress in meeting individual objectives.  Prepare other reports in the format prescribed by the program supervisor.  Meet the program deadlines for submission of completed reports.
  • Participate in meetings and serve as a member of the team which is responsible for development and delivery of programs for each student and for overall program planning.
  • Communicate with parents, sending school districts, or others, to assure continuity of individual programs.
  • Recommend goals and objectives for future programming of individual students and submit these in writing.  Make scheduling recommendations when appropriate.
  • Promote the student's development of good work habits, good health habits, acceptable behavior and appropriate levels of independence.
  • Provide appropriate structure and discipline to maintain order and provide a positive learning experience in the teaching situation, and within the different programs
  • Plan and supervise activities in a manner which will safeguard the health and safety of students and assume responsibility for students under the teacher's supervision in an emergency.
  • Design educational programming commensurate with the current best practice in the field of Special Education including: Functional curriculum; Age-Appropriateness; Community experience; Integration of related services; Context-based instruction; Expanded Core Curriculum, or as determined by appropriate assessments.
  • Maintain family and home and school contact through home visits, log books, or other communication methods, as recommended by the program supervisor; Maintain appropriate records and provide these to the program file.
  • To perform other related duties and tasks as assigned.

For a more detailed description of the position and to apply, please visit our website and submit a resume and cover letter with your application.
Benefits: We provide a complete benefits package which includes tuition reimbursement, medical and dental insurance, LTD and Life insurance, retirement programs and staff development and training.
Perkins seeks to enhance its community of intellectually, culturally, and socially diverse individuals to enrich the educational experience of our students.  Applicants from a multicultural background, are bilingual, and/or who have relevant life experience are encouraged to apply.


Minimum Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree from a recognized college or university required, Master’s Degree in Special Education and DESE certified TVI. 

•First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Automated External Defibrillator (AED) required

Preference will be given to candidates with:

•Two years of experience working with preschoolers, and/or school age children with visual impairments who may also have additional disabilities

Watertown, MA
Teacher of the Visually Impaired
Contact Information
Resumes should be sent to address specified in the job description.: 
Send Resumes to address specified in job description
Thu, 2018-07-12
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