New CVI Certification

The University of Massachusetts Boston Vision Studies Program and Perkins School for the Blind announce the cooperative creation of a Cortical/Cerebral Visual Impairment (CVI) series of professional development courses for vision professionals. These courses are in the process of undergoing review for becoming a certificate program. 

The five class, CVI specific content curriculum will cover the essential components for vision professionals to more deeply understand the visual brain, the brain based causes and manifestations of CVI, the current CVI specific assessment methods, how to apply assessments for students with CVI, how to apply current promising practices for the different manifestations of CVI and how to effectively collaborate around CVI with medical professionals, researchers, parents and school team members. 

Each of the five classes will be three graduate credits and will each cost $1400. They will be completely online with some field experiences incorporated as part of the assignments. 

This Fall 2019 semester, September 9-December 6, 2019, the first 2 courses will be offered: Vision and the Brain/Neurology and Introduction to Cortical/Cerebral Visual Impairment. Return the attached registration form if you are interested in taking the courses.

To get your questions answered about the CVI courses, please see the FAQ. Any further questions can be directed to Tammy Reisman at Tammy.reisman [at]


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