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Improving Education for Individuals with Visual Impairments.

Degree and Certification Information

The M.Ed. program in Vision Studies, Specialization in Orientation and Mobility track requires the completion of 37 graduate academic credits. Individuals who would like to pursue certification only in Orientation and Mobility must have a minimum of a Bachelor's Degree and complete a total of 28 credits. Teachers of the Visually Impaired can complete the certification program in 19-25 credits.

Below are the Graduate Core Courses for the O&M Graduate Program:

  • SPE G 611 (VISN 601): Physical and Functional Aspects of VI 3 credits.
  • SPE-G 615 (VISN 603): Braille Communications 1 3 credits.
  • SPE-G 614 (VISN 604): Visual Functioning 3 credits.
  • SPE-G 616 (VISN 605): Implications of Low Vision 3 credits.
  • SPE-G 641 (VISN 620): Methods of Orientation Mobility with Lab 4 credits.
  • SPE-G 612 (VISN 621): O&M Assessment-Children 4 credits.
  • SPE-G 613 (VISN 622): O&M Assessment-Adults 4 credits.
  • SPE-G 698 (VISN 629): Practicum in O&M 4 credits.

Total: 28 credits.

Additional Courses Required for M.Ed:

  • SPE-G 620 (VISN 602): Education of Students with Visual Impairments 3 credits.
  • SPE-G 621: Introduction to Disabilities 3 credits.
  • SPE-G 623 (VISN 640): Psycho-Social Aspects of VI 3 credits.

Total: 37 credits.

Note: Students in the vision studies program must earn a B- or better in each vision core course on their program of study. If a student earns a C+ or below, they must repeat the course at their own expense and pay any associated fees.

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