Sustaining Braille Proficiency

Sustaining Braille Proficiency
Literary ~ Nemeth

UMass Boston is proud to present our highly acclaimed web based curriculums "Sustaining Braille Proficiency". These two independent, self-paced studies are on an online visual approach addressing the on-going need of dedicated professionals, support staff, and family to develop and maintain skills with the Literary and Nemeth Braille Codes.

These carefully designed, self-paced curriculums feature the exciting new NERCVE Online Drill and Practice Brailler, which allows six-key braille entry through the computer's keyboard, with immediate feedback assuring accuracy.


New Reduced Cost $95 (awards 20 PDPs or 2 CEUs.)

Watch the introductory presentations about the NERCVE Online Brailler, the Literary Code review, and the new Nemeth Code content.


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"I love the online 'brailler' what a great review and a fun challenge. It is very forgiving and a non-threatening way to address rusty skills. I have to make sure that I get other things done because it is addictive! I have reports to write, but the online brailler lessons are a lot more fun!"

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