Teacher of Students with Visual Impairment (TVI)/Certified Orientation & Mobility Specialist (COMS)

Position Title: Teacher of Students with Visual Impairment (TVI)/Certified Orientation & Mobility Specialist (COMS)
Classification: Exempt
Position Type: Full Time (185 days)
Salary Schedule: Teachers/Therapists
Introductory Period: 90 days
Reports To: Executive Director

The itinerant TVI/COMS travels to the students and is assigned districts/schools to provide direct and/or consultative special education services relating to visual impairments. These services enable the students to learn in classroom and community environments. Assist students with visual impairments to achieve maximum independence through instruction in safe, efficient travel within the home, school, and community. Services also include instruction in compensatory skills including daily living skills, self-advocacy, and recreation or leisure skills as related to orientation and mobility and self-determination. Community-based instruction is assumed and is a critical component of the orientation and mobility program.

Essential Functions/Duties:

-Direct teaching in areas of specialized communication modes, including braille reading and writing emergent Braille literacy skills, sensory stimulation, the use of low vision aids, such as magnifiers and CCTVs, concept development, tactual skills, keyboarding, slate and stylus, abacus, use of computers and other assistive technology devices, visual efficiency skills, listening skills, academic areas requiring adaptation and reinforcement as a direct result of visual impairment – in particular preschool concepts/skills and beginning reading/writing/math, pre-teaching new skills to provide access to the curriculum, previewing the content of lessons to be taught in class, organization and study skills, daily living/independent living skills, leisure and recreation skills, social skills, self-advocacy, signature writing, career education.
-Provides in-service training and consultation services to school staff, parents, and students.
-Responsible for maintenance and preparation of adapting materials such as braille, large print, tangible aids, and other specialized educational materials from the AIM Library and other sources.
-Conduct and interpret assessments including functional vision (FVA), learning media assessments (LMA), assist with administration of MCAS, and other statewide or district-wide assessments.
-Maintain student registrations for varying services (e.g., AIM, APH, National Library Service, etc.), and complete necessary reports.
-Serves as liaison between the school and community organizations and resources.

-Instructs the visually impaired student in the development of skills and knowledge that enables him or her to travel independently, based on assessed needs and ability.
-Consults regularly with sighted peers, parents, classroom teachers, physical education teachers, and/or other special education personnel to assist in home and classroom environmental modifications, adaptations, and considerations and to ensure reinforcement of appropriate O&M skills that will encourage the visually impaired student to travel independently in these settings.
-Works with the teacher of students with visual impairments to conduct the functional vision assessment as it relates to both long and short-term needs.
-Prepares sequential and meaningful instruction geared to the student's assessed needs, IEP goals and objectives, functioning, and motivational levels.
-Prepares and uses equipment and materials, for example, tactile maps, models, distance low vision devices, and long canes, for the development of O&M skills.
-Transports the student with parent permission to various community locations, as necessary, to provide meaningful instruction in realistic learning environments.
-Evaluates the student's progress on an ongoing basis with progress reports as required.
-Participates in necessary parent conferences and meetings.

Level of Accessibility: Level Three

Competency: Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
-Knowledge of how to read, write, and teach braille and are knowledgeable about medical conditions and diseases of the eye.
-TVIs typically are familiar with various types of magnification devices and assistive technology.
-Familiarity with state and federal laws regarding the education of their students and are knowledgeable about local agencies and resources for this population of students.

Supervisory Responsibilities:
This position does not require supervisory responsibilities.

Work Environment and Physical Demands:
The physical demands and work environment described here are representative of those that must be met by an
employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made
to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. Attendance at a variety of work sites is
required. Staff must be able to sit, stand, lift 50+ lbs. with assistance if necessary, ambulate, short segments of
running, and other physical requirements as identified.

This position requires frequent travel.


Required Education and Experience:
-Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education Teacher’s License: Vision Impairments - ALL levels.
-ACVREP – Certification from the Academy of Certification of Vision Rehabilitation and Education Professionals as a Certified Orientation & Mobility Specialist (COMS).
-This position can be provided by either a TVI or a dual certified TVI/COMS (Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments/Certified Orientation & Mobility Specialist).
-Valid Driver’s license.

Preferred Education and Experience:
-Ability to travel between schools/cities/towns in an efficient manner.
-Ability to complete community-based instruction.

Orientation and Mobility Specialist
Teacher of the Visually Impaired
Samantha Martin
Keystone Educational Collaborative
978-425-0310 ext 178