Teacher of the Visually Impaired

District 300 has employees six full-time vision teachers. D300 also contracts with Northern Illinois Association who provides vision technical support to our teachers. In addition, there is an Education Specialist that oversees the day to day functioning and supports of the programs and services. The school district is made up of 28 schools.

The three itinerant TVI’s serve the itinerant students across the district who present with a variety of different vision needs. The Vision Itinerants also helps support classroom teachers with providing vision accommodations such as large print books and low vision aids to meet the students’ individual needs. TVI’s utilize a variety of techniques to teach the expanded core curriculum, self-advocacy skills and independent functioning skills.

Our Vision Resource Programs which are available for elementary, middle and high school. The vision resource program is available to support students who require a significant amount of adaptations, modifications, and/or accommodations in general academics and/or functional academic programs. The students in the vision resource program may use a use variety of braille, tactile, and print strategies/curriculum during their vision. The students meet with the vision teacher throughout the day to support the students’ vision needs both in and out of both the general academic and functional academic classrooms. The vision resource teacher will provide direct instruction as well as indirect services.

This position is specifically looking to fill the middle school resource position. However, depending on resource minutes itinerant services may also be provided by the hired itinerant.


Illinois licensure with appropriate endorsements (blind/visually impaired). Dual certification with orientation and mobility preferred, but not required.

Orientation and Mobility Specialist
Teacher of the Visually Impaired
Christie Wochner
Community Unit School District 300