TVI Needed (Part Time or Full Time)

CAPS Collaborative is seeking an enthusiastic Teacher of the Visually Impaired to join our specialized instruction service teams, full or part time. The TVI will work directly with students as well as provide consultant to classroom teachers, parents and other service providers. The TVI will conduct functional vision assessments, make IEP recommendations, attend Team meetings and participate in and provide professional development. The TVI will produce or secure Braille, enlarged print, aural or tactual material or compensatory devices needed to help the student achieve appropriate goals.

About us:

CAPS Collaborative will work in partnership with districts to provide programs and services of the highest quality. To provide these services, we adhere to the following values:

To commit every aspect of the organization to providing exceptional educational opportunities for students.
To demonstrate quality and responsiveness by becoming the first choice of districts for programs and services.
To be a customer-focused organization that constantly evaluates district needs.
To integrate quality, integrity, respect, and teamwork into every aspect of the organization.
To demonstrate accountability through constantly evaluating results and progress toward goals.
To implement programs and services in the most cost-effective manner and to exercise due diligence in financial decision making.
We will work in partnership with districts to ensure that students transition to the least restrictive environment in their home school district.
About the role:

Provide direct, consultative and indirect service to children age 3-22 with visual impairment, deaf blind and significant multiple disabilities.


Essential Functions

Participate in screening and comprehensive assessment of students with vision impairment and multiple disabilities.
Participate as a specialist in the area of visual impairment to determine eligibility.
Participate in the preparation and implementation of Individualized Education Programs (IEP) for identified students on caseload.
Participate in developing integrated goals with other education staff for students on caseload.
Direct student learning in school and community settings
Serve as a resource, consultant and trainer to provide specialized suggestions and/or materials for use by educators, paraprofessionals, and parents.
Lead in the assessment, selection, training, management and use of assistive technology related to vision impairment.
Maintain professional boundaries and ensure student/staff confidentiality as appropriate within the educational Team
Contribute to professional growth and collaboration by staying informed on current literature/resources in the field and actively participating in staff meetings and professional development opportunities
Other Functions

Know and follow special education rules, regulations and procedure.
Monitor programs using observation, data collection and pre-post assessment
Demonstrate knowledge of special education rules and regulations.
Manage multiple priorities and timelines.
Serve as liaison between ESD, districts and community agencies.
Prepare records and reports for eligibility evaluations, services IEP and transitions according to program procedures or as directed.
Utilize a variety of communication tools for correspondence.
Participate in activities and meetings by program and department.
Adhere to code of professional ethics and conduct.
Perform other such duties as may be assigned.


Candidate requirements:

Bachelor's Degree in Education of Visually Impaired, Master's Degree Preferred
Valid Massachusetts Licensure in Education of Visually Impaired, or ability to obtain. Dual certification in Deaf Blind preferred.

Physical Requirements:

Ability to sit for extended periods of time in vehicle, desk and various sized school furniture.
Ability to use hands for repetitive movement.
Ability to provide own transportation to school, preschools, community settings and homes in locations throughout Collaborative region.
Ability to use a computer for extended periods of time to write reports and to complete logs and other required paperwork.
Ability to carry or transport materials and equipment weighing up to 40 lb.
Ability to synthesize and integrate sensitive clinical, educational and interpersonal issues regarding change, disabilities, grief and loss.
Ability to lift and move children weighing up to 40 lb. along or more than 40 lb. with additional staff.

Teacher of the Visually Impaired
Category, Other
Jenni Guthrie
CAPS Collaborative
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