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If you would like to know more about our programs or have further questions, please contact us!


Laura Bozeman
Professor and Director: Vision Studies Programs
Phone: 617.287.4385 
E-mail: laura.bozeman [at] ( )
Fax: 617.287.7727 

Program Coordinators

Paula Kosior 
O&M Program Coordinator 
Phone: 617.287.7584  
E-mail: paula.kosior [at] 

Daniel Norris 
VRT Program Coordinator 
Phone: 802.272.1626    
E-mail: daniel.norris [at] 

Tammy Reisman 
TVI Program Coordinator 
Phone: 617.287.7668 
E-mail: tammy.reisman [at] 

Rachael Sessler-Trinkowsky 
AT Program Coordinator 
Email: R.SesslerTrinkowsky [at] 

Darick Wright 
O&M Program Coordinator  
Phone: 617.972.7355 
E-mail: darick.wright [at]